Google buys HTC

In fact, we have previously written analysis of HTC for other companies the value of mergers and acquisitions, the answer is in terms of brand awareness, influence, or actual performance (including shipments, revenue and profits) for mergers and acquisitions of the enterprise is not only no Of the value, and even may be counterproductive, drag the merger of the enterprise, including the cooperation with Google Google. Here we should have a good explanation why Google did not directly take the way to buy HTC, the reason is very simple, Google is difficult from the commercial value and capital market point of view to persuade and get the approval of investors and the board, more important Yes, on the current HTC’s actual market performance, how much money to buy is also a problem. The next is, since the acquisition of HTC for Google no value, but also talk about persuasion and investors and the board of directors approved it? And listen to us slowly.

As we all know, Google’s Android development to today, and HTC’s support is closely related, especially in the early development of Android, the face of Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Palm’s Palm OS, Nokia’s Symbian and many other independent intelligence Mobile phone operating system, or soft and hard combination of independent smart phone ecosystem of the competition and the prospects are not clear when, HTC firmly follow the strategy and excellent hardware design and innovation capabilities for Google Android set a benchmark, that HTC to the mobile phone industry Proof of Google Android system can be better than the previous system at the same time, it is a follow-up to follow the many manufacturers, including the rage of Motorola and now the smart phone market, Samsung boss, when the two companies and HTC and called Google Android Of the “Three Musketeers”, that is, they are the backbone of Google Android.

It is not difficult to see that Google today, HTC even if there is no credit also have hard work, and seeing HTC reduced to today so horrible (9 consecutive losses in the quarter, the global market share of only 1%), once shot help (12.5 billion M & A) How can Motorola turn a blind eye In fact, the industry (including Google) are very clear, HTC mobile phone business if you want to survive and sustain, only to find “then Chuanxia” or a capital injection, or wait for HTC only fend for themselves. But like the above, HTC’s current status quo, find the “chance to meet the chan” is almost zero. Although Google is determined, but in view of the lack of sufficient grounds for mergers and acquisitions, in this case, the way to inject capital and reduce the burden will undoubtedly become the best “curve” to help the way HTC.

The most straightforward embodiment of this is that HTC has earned $ 1.1 billion in cash from Google, and with these cash, the situation of HTC’s losses will be largely alleviated, and more importantly, with $ 1.1 billion in cash Of the account, HTC’s cost will also be substantially reduced, that is part of the original HTC Pixel mobile phone team will join Google. In this may some people will say that this is not the loss of talent for HTC it? Can this be measured by $ 1.1 billion?

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