Why Google is eager to get HTC’s mobile phone team?

The transaction is expected to be completed by early 2018. But it is worth noting that, from the agreement point of view, Google only “dug away” HTC to participate in creating Pixel mobile phone HTC project and design team and intellectual property, HTC brand and management personnel are not included.

Looking back HTC’s history, 2006 HTC from the mobile phone factory transformation of its own brand, and in 2008 in New York and Google and T-Mobile launched the world’s first equipped with Andrews system smart phone T-MobileG1, HTC also rely on This phone climbed the pinnacle of the industry. After a few years, HTC with Andrews bonus and a monthly update rate set foot on the “king of the road.”

2010 HTC smartphone shipments of 24.6 million, accounting for the global smart phone shipments of about 1/12 or so. In 2011, HTC’s share rose to 9.1%, sales reached about 43 million, the market value of up to 33.8 billion US dollars. In the US market, HTC even beyond the then mobile phone giant Nokia, Andrews mobile phone market as the biggest winner.

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