Buy with peace of mind under the new policy

In recent years, China has introduced a series of measures to promote the development of cross-border electricity business, including improving the efficiency of customs clearance, to support the domestic bank card clearing institutions to expand overseas business, to support the establishment of overseas business marketing channels. Multi-policy good under the cross-border electricity business users experience better than in the past, but there are still a lot of pain points, such as arrival a long time, product quality, after-sales service is difficult to guarantee.

The executive meeting to encourage along the “area along the way” to build an important country, key markets of overseas warehouses, means that cross-border electricity will be shipped faster, after the order to wait ten days or even tens of days to close The day of arrival will gradually become history.

In addition, the meeting also called for the establishment of cross-border electricity for the establishment of transaction risk prevention and consumer rights protection mechanism to vigorously combat fake and other illegal activities, the user “buy buy buy” can be more at ease.

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