Goods should be placed nearest to the customers

From 26 million in 2006 to 657 million in 2016, Lynx “double 11” to create a miracle of the global express industry. From the historical experience, the annual peak of the courier industry will become the next year’s normal, this year, “double 11” there is still a tough fight to fight.

Although the number of parcels increased year by year, but the electricity by courier delivery time has been improved, parcels sent hundreds of millions of time from 48 hours in 2013 down to 2016 12 hours. Among them, the information, large data play a vital role.

“This year the company’s electronic side of a single push is better, the courier service to the whole chain have accelerated role.” Yun Da Express Vice President Lai Shiqiang said. Compared to the traditional single, electronic single series from the business, consumers and courier business data, can increase the delivery speed of more than 30%.

More and more rich data, but also makes the flow of goods to predict more and more accurate. Rookie network vice president, “double 11” logistics commander Shi Miao said that this year’s “double 11” is an important point is the “front warehouse” sink.

The so-called front positions, that is, through large data analysis, selected high-frequency purchase of goods, on the nearest warehouse from the consumer. For example, businesses and logistics companies to understand the southern province of a consumer favorite to buy a brand of dairy products, you can advance in the warehouse in front of the stock, the consumer about a single timely distribution, a substantial reduction in inter-provincial transfer of the distance and time cost.

According to Ali’s plan, the future will be built in the country before 2000 positions. Expected in the fast food, fresh food and other fields, the former warehouse will play an increasingly important role.

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