FOF fund products has been started

At the same time, Jingdong Finance and approved fund companies have conducted in-depth contact to explore the future of Internet users will be customized for the needs of FOF products program.

The so-called public offering FOF, that is, funds in the fund, in layman’s terms, the general securities investment fund is replaced by fund companies to investors, buy bonds, buy gold, FOF products are professional institutions instead of investors to buy the right fund.

The FOF products on the line, the user can according to their own investment philosophy and risk tolerance, the first time to buy different types of FOF products, through the rights and interests, bonds, money and other funds reasonable allocation, reduce portfolio investment risk, access to relatively stable income.

At present, in the Jingdong expert platform, “Jingdong experts to participate in the FOF starting” topic, Harvest Fund related person in charge, said in an interview, “through the allocation of assets to optimize the characteristics of portfolio risk of investment demand is increasingly strong, the asset allocation will be China Pipe industry trends, FOF as an effective carrier of asset allocation will carry the new direction of the development of the management industry.

TEDA Manulife Fund researcher Zhang Xiaolong that, from the development of foreign FOF market situation, mixed FOF is the main type, stock FOF and bond type FOF occupy a certain currency. Domestic future FOF market will also be based on hybrid FOF.

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