Where is the future of alibaba film???

Yu Yongfu said, do not want to be a big cultural re-do a traditional sense of the film company, the traditional sense of the music company, the traditional sense of the performance company. Because it is actually with the traditional market in the grab business, this is certainly not always consider the problem of Ali.

Ali has always been the way to consider the problem is how to industrial upgrading to bring the industry incremental, if there is no increase, in fact, will only let the industry more competitive, and finally the entire industrial space less and less, no ability to invest in the future.

For example, in the film production, do not pursue the amount, and do their own understanding of the appropriate theme of the film, such as creating a new schedule – just as Feng Xiaogang created a New Year film, no need to follow Others of the race to compete, do must be related to Ali’s own.

In the past few years, the capitalization of the entertainment industry has been surprisingly prosperous, but there is a place where it does not meet the laws of the industry. It is now cold down. But as a normal industry, how can the whole capital demand be solved? In fact, there are innovative opportunities. Youku year purchase billions of content, first to see the partners of the financial needs of a good service, from this point of view gradually solve the problem.

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