The war between clothing producers

In this regard, a senior industry analyst told the “financial” reporter, in addition to Hailan home (600398.SH), Pacific birds, the future will have a large number of leading apparel enterprises and Ali (NYSE: BABA) reached a strategic cooperation. This is because Ali’s online traffic growth has slowed down, in order to further increase the flow plate, it must be online and offline traffic integration. And Ali’s usual practice is, “Who will first cooperate with me, I first tilted the resources to whom.”

Soochow Securities Research Report shows that after the development of the business to adapt to the stage, under the clothing brand with the advantages of marketing and supply chain, relatively pure online brand showed a strong growth force. In addition to Pacific Bird, Semir (002563, SZ), Anta (02020.HK), seven wolves (002029.SZ) and other brands of business growth have been more than 40%.

September 1, Hailan home has signed a cooperation agreement with Ali, cooperation, including the days of cat and Ali related platform for the Hailan home brand continues to develop a large number of potential customers, to enhance the brand influence to provide support, etc. Valid from August 30, 2017 to December 31, 2019.

“From the traffic and trading volume point of view, Ali and Jingdong is not an order of magnitude, companies will naturally tend to Ali.” The analyst said further. According to GF Securities August 21 released research report, the current number of active users of Ali was 466 million, Jingdong 258 million. Today, the days of the cat platform has brought together 12,000 international brands, 89,000 brand flagship store, Ali’s appeal to users mainly from Taobao’s rich product quality and quality shopping experience. Jingdong’s competitive advantage is mainly from the partners to upgrade, Tencent, Baidu, today headlines gave Jingdong opened a traffic entrance, Wal-Mart and Jingdong exclusive cooperation.
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