Who is responsible for the lost package???

Interview reporter learned that Miss Song is a net purchase enthusiasts, large appliances to the shoes and hats, the monthly purchase of online spending accounted for more than half of the total consumption. As the courier delivery time often overlap with the working hours, the working day when Ms. Song almost no side sign a courier, not asked to express to the “cloud cabinet” and other collection points, is sent to the district store, never had a problem The However, yesterday, Ms. Song found a logistics information update shows “photographed receipt”, but she did not receive a courier or pick up the message, did not receive the express mail.

“I buy things from the Internet more, with a few courier is also very familiar with, and sometimes can not sign someone else on behalf of the collection, but did not contact me personally invited people to sign and lost the case is the first time.” Song Ms. told reporters that this time from abroad to purchase a set of thousands of dollars worth of cosmetics, because it is the first overseas purchase, higher than usual online shopping prices, from time to time will view the logistics information. Online display “sign”, Ms. Song to the district stores and collection points are not found. “The shopkeeper said the courier called me to call can sign, and the courier on the door to leave, but I did not receive a phone call to find someone on behalf of the sign did not pass my consent, my courier is possible Is Missing told reporters, the courier said that no one answered the phone call in accordance with the practice of people on behalf of the sign, the store side for help only on behalf of the collection, there is no custody obligations, the future will not help People are collected. Seeing the value of thousands of dollars on the cosmetics so no trace, Miss Song do not know who to be responsible, is currently negotiated with the courier side.

“Workday there are courier, generally looking for the district often go to the supermarket or laundry collection, often very familiar with the meeting, but also very assured.” Ms. Guo told reporters, one to two after the familiar, and sometimes courier do not say hello to find someone Sign, “before the guard office, it was lost to the trouble, then they are too troublesome to let go, and now think about it really is not easy to lose, after all, I agree with others signed.” It is understood that only The recipient personally inspection and signature confirmation, if the latter problems when there is a position of rights, if the “sign” or “collection”, once the loss of pieces, fake, etc., the buyer is often difficult to defend.

If the recipient does not have the signature of the recipient to confirm, the risk of missing pieces of the loss of who should bear According to the industry, if not signed by the customer on behalf of the sign, the courier company should be the total loss of the responsibility of the mail, bear to the consumer Of the loss; if the customer initiative to request to place somewhere, the consequences should be borne by the customer most of the losses. When consumers encounter such a collection of lost events, you can negotiate with the express side, the communication can not sue to the court according to specific circumstances, claim economic losses.

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